How it works

We help fix exposures of your information from two different sources: data brokers and data breaches.

These sites scrape your data from across the web to create profiles that include your name(s), current and previous addresses, family member names, criminal history, and much more. And they sell this information to anyone searching for you.

Getting your information off these sites helps protect your privacy and keep stalkers or harassers from finding info like your phone number or home address.

  • Step 1

    We scan for your private information using only your:

    In seconds, we’ll show you how many sites have made profiles of you, and exactly what information they are selling.

    step 1 screenshot
  • Step 2

    We automatically remove your information

    Each data broker needs to be contacted to begin the data removal process, which takes time and effort.

    For paid subscribers, as soon as we identify which sites have your information, we automatically initiate a request for removal. Free members will be alerted which data brokers to contact themselves.

  • Step 3

    We watch for re-exposures, and remove again

    Sites that sell your data continually scrape new information about you on sources across the web — and they will often re-add you to their sites, even if you’ve removed it.

    For paid subscribers, we re-check every month to make sure they don’t add you back. It’s an ongoing process and you can rest assured that no matter how many times your name reappears on their site, we will always work to remove it.

Data breaches are security violations where your personal information is either accidentally exposed or illegally stolen by hackers — including passwords, contact info, financials, and much more. Any account or anywhere your information is stored online could be a target.

Resolving data breaches helps prevent hackers from accessing your accounts, causing financial harm or stealing your identity.

  • Step 1

    We scan for breaches

    Using just your email address, we search for you across all known data breaches. All subscribers can monitor 5 email addresses for free.

  • Step 2

    We help you resolve breaches

    Because resolving data breaches usually involves manual steps like changing your passwords or placing a fraud alert on your credit score, we can’t resolve them for you. But we’ll walk you through the steps to resolve your leaked information.

    And if your info does fall into the wrong hands, we’ll give you security recommendations on what you can do to protect yourself now and in the future.

  • Step 3

    We monitor for new breaches

    Whenever we detect a new breach, we’ll check to see if you were a part of it and alert you if you are.

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